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Want to know what makes us happy? Making other women feel amazing! We want every woman to have self confidence and appreciate and love themselves. And, the more women we get to help with this, the happier we are!  That’s where you can help. A huge portion of our sessions come from referrals.

We strive to make women feel confident, strong, sexy, and empowered. We love the relationships we build with our clients. We love getting to know you, hearing your stories, discovering the little things that make you… you. And most of all, we love seeing your face light up when we show you your images and you see yourself in a whole new light.

We love connecting with our clients and when we get a referral, we know we have succeeded. We know we have earned your trust, made a personal connection, and most importantly, made you feel valued. Because you are!

help us help you

To further show our appreciation, we have a great referral program:

  • For every person you refer to us who books a session before your reveal/order session, you will get a $100 credit to use towards your product purchase and they will also receive $100 off their sitting fee.

Pretty simple, huh? All they need to do is mention your name when they book. We would love to give the other women in your life the same life changing confidence that we sincerely hope you experience with your session. So, be sure to share the love!

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