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i can't install is grub2 the default bootloader of ubuntu 14.04? monkey_dust, you installed 14.04 on your computer? siema bbl k cfhowlett: yes, i had 14.04 installed previously, but wanted to install the latest version of ubuntu, so i chose the latest 14.10, but the first installation went quite ok, but now after the installation i have a system recovery in grub monkey_dust, older releases do not support the.10 upgrade - not without first saving your data to a usb flash or similar. !recovery To rescue a broken system, boot the alternate install CD and select "Rescue a broken system" cfhowlett: i want to avoid the recovery, that's why i'm here, i want to install grub again, but i can't find it (or if it's there at all) monkey_dust, grub is installed automatically on your ubuntu system. did you add something different? It's in the Additional Drivers tab in Software Sources, I believe. If you've installed an additional driver, it will auto-generate a recovery partition. cfhowlett: no, i had 14.04 on this partition before, so i've always used grub1 in the boot menu, so i just rebooted, and now i see a system recovery, i can only skip that one, nothing else works monkey_dust, so you skipped an install? bad idea. this is a one time.10 upgrade. roll back your old install and download 14.04.2 cfhowlett: i want to avoid this, the only reason i had to install 14.10 is because i cannot boot anymore (can boot from live cd) MonkeyDust: Did you have a problem with the install of 14.10? monkey_dust i repeat, 14.04 is an older release, 14.10 is a new one




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Download Solidworks 2012 32bit Full Crack besrec

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