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you are SAFE with us

Can we get real for a moment??

We want you to know, you are SAFE with us. 

Within the larger boudoir photographers community, it has recently come to light that there has been misconduct with a well known photographer within the industry. THIS IS NOT OKAY. He used his position and power in a predatory way. He victimized women. This has shook the entire boudoir community. This is not what boudoir stands for.

We wanted to reaffirm our promise to you. When you photograph with Blushing Fox Boudoir, you are safe. We know the vulnerability it takes to put yourself in this position and we respect that. This photoshoot is for you, not our agenda.  Our goal with every shoot is for you to leave loving yourself more. Boudoir is about EMPOWERMENT and you need to know you can TRUST that you are in safe hands. These are some of the actions we enforce to make sure your experience is SAFE and EMPOWERING.

-Before your shoot, we consult with you so you get a chance to meet us so you feel more comfortable with us on photo day.

-Before your shoot, we will have you fill out a questionnaire so we know what your comfort level is. THIS IS YOUR SHOOT. You can wear as much or as little as you want. We will make you feel just as empowered whether you're wearing a turtleneck or if you are nude. 

-Before your shoot, we will go over the process, expectations, and let you know that at any point you can say NO if you don't feel comfortable with a pose. THIS IS YOUR SHOOT. We will not be offended if you say no to a pose/outfit, nor will we try to talk you into something you're not comfortable with. 

-During your shoot, you have two photographers. Both Priscilla and Shanda are completely capable of photographing you solo, however, we know with both of us there we can lighten the mood, joke around, and have fun. We want you to feel comfortable. 

-During your shoot, we ASK before we touch. It was ingrained into us early on as photographers, before fixing a hair, strap, etc, you must ask first. It may seem silly, and we've never been told no to fixing something on someone, but we need you to know you are in control. 

-After your shoot, you have the power to decide who sees your images. If you want to let us share them, we would LOVE to showcase real women on our platform, however, this is your shoot and you have the power to decide where it goes.

Remember, in all aspects of life, USE YOUR VOICE. If you are in a position where something doesn't feel right, SPEAK UP. Even if you decide to book with another photographer, make sure you feel comfortable with them and always trust your gut if something feels off.

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