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Product Highlight: Photo Boxes

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

It's easy to see why our glass boxes are one of our most popular products. What better way to showcase your amazing images? The glass box comes in 4x6 or 5x7 size and includes mounted archival quality prints from your favorite images. My personal favorite option is the popular and modern rose gold finish, but if you're more of a classic gal like Priscilla, the gold finish is a great choice! The glass box fits in perfectly with any décor - I have mine displayed on a dresser in my bedroom. I also like to rotate the top image so it's an ever changing display!

Did you know that all of our packages include accompanying high resolution digital images? Our Glass Box Package comes with a beautiful glass box that has a special space for your crystal engraved USB!

What if you fall in love with all of your images and just can't narrow them down? Trust us, this happens often! Luckily, our Everything Package includes a soft linen proof box with a 4x6 print of every gorgeous image from your session! This box is also a great option to keep your images a little more discreet, while still adding a little extra style to your existing decor. And because it wouldn't be an "everything" package without digital files, this linen box also has a space for your crystal USB, which contains a high resolution digital file of each image from your session.

Book your session today and let us help you pick the best product for you to display your confidence and beauty!

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