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Blushing Babe M

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

At a loss for what to wear for your boudoir session? Check out how sexy a t shirt and booty shorts can be! As soon as we saw the Jurassic Park t shirt Blushing Babe M brought to her session we knew this would be a fun shoot!

The fun definitely didn't stop with the Jurassic Park shirt. This babe brought some fun items from home to incorporate for her hubby. We love adding personal touches to our shoots. Remember, these sessions are all about YOU.

We agreed we couldn't even walk in tall heels, much less dance in them. But Blushing Babe M happens to be an amazing pole dance instructor. If you haven't watched a pole show or taken a pole dancing class, you are missing out! Can you say CORE WORK OUT? M is a badass and she had the thigh high heels to prove it!

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