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Product Highlight: Albums

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Now that you've had this amazing boudoir photo experience it's time to decide the perfect way to display your gorgeous photos. Hands-down our most popular product is our album! They make the perfect keepsake from your boudoir photoshoot.

Perhaps you don't want a product that is just out in the open (although we have a product for you if you're feeling so bold ;) ). The album is great for displaying several photos from your session in just one place. It's also the perfect size to tuck away when you (or your hunny) are finished admiring the images. Or, if you want to keep it out on the shelf, the albums are elegant enough to stand as a piece of art in your home. And because our albums are completely customizable, you can ensure it will fit in perfectly wherever you decide to display it.

Now, let's talk specifics; our album's are available in 3 sizes: 10x10, 8x8, and 5x5. Pick out your favorite images and we'll create a custom layout to best display them. The larger the album size, the more images we can fit. We've even had clients upgrade and get their entire shoot in their album. Before we print your album, we will send you a proof that you can look over and make any changes too. This is your album, so let's make it perfect!

All of the albums have thick, sturdy pages--this isn't just your run-of-the-mill album. With every page you turn, you can literally feel the quality at your finger tips. The album also features 'lay flat' pages. What does this mean? You know when you're looking at a magazine and the binding creases in the center and hides a portion of the image? Not here! Our albums are designed so you do not lose any of the image due to the spine. You can open up a spread without any interruption, now isn't that cool? We think so too!

With any album purchase, you have the power to completely customize it to your taste. Starting out, we debated if we wanted to limit our albums to just a few options, or if we wanted to give you complete freedom. Loving options ourselves, we went with the latter. We know it can be overwhelming when you have so many choices, but rest assured, we are doing this process with you! We walk you through every step when ordering your album. We have swatches and samples of all your options so you can envision what your final album will become.

Maybe you like the soft touch of velvet, the metallic sheen of pearlescent leather, the texture of linen. When you turn the page, do you like the soft touch of deep matte paper, the slight sheen of lustre, or maybe you love the texture of silk paper? Whatever your taste, when you hold the finished product in your hands, we want it to represent you.

Our last gem, the Journal Album. What a beautiful piece to leave out on a bedside table. This album features a leather cover that wraps around your album and ties up to create a classic look. Every time you open this album up, it feels like unwrapping a gift for yourself.

Whatever album you end up choosing, we are confident you're going to love it!

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